Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?

Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?

I found this photo on my phone that I took quite a while ago after I was cleaning out all my stationary, including my extensive accumulations of colouring pencils. After a while of sharpening and testing them on scrap pieces of paper, I finally managed to shrink down the number of colours I had to this nice neat collection. Looks pretty, don’t you think?

“We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others bright, some have weird names, but they all have learned to live together in the same box.” – Author Robert Fulghum


What’s the use of fruit tea?

Not too long ago, I got home and thought I’d have some ‘me’ time snuggled up on the couch with a snack and drink, when I suddenly remembered my sister’s tea stash. Despite being a more coffee kinda gal, I thought “Well hey! Why not try one of those fancy teas that my sister seems to love?” So off I went over to the pantry to explore the assorted types and flavours when I came across some ‘Lipton’ teas; now, I’m no tea expert but judging from the box, it looked like it would be nice so I picked out a Red Fruit tea after being enticed by the description (I’m a sales person’s dream).

Back into the kitchen, flicked on the kettle, mug off the stand and in goes the tea bag. Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I was examining the tea bag and from what I could see, there didn’t seem to be any actual tea in the bag, but what seemed like just dried and preserved fruit. Nevertheless, I passed it off as my lack of tea knowledge and when ahead with preparing my bevarage. Kettle’s boiled, now into the mug- at this point, I was rather excited and tingling for a taste. Watching the tea steep was incredible in itself, like when you first put in the water and redness just begins to emerge and swirl from the tea bag…hypnotising almost…it reminded me of the special effects in Harry Potter.

I like to leave the tea bag in for quite long, to make the tea bag completely worthwhile- value for money, and all! So by the end of that long-winded process, my tea looked like this:

Lipton Red Fruit

I think the blood-red colour just made it all the more exciting

Switched on the telly, snuggled up on the couch now finally ready to drink my tea! The smell from the blue-hot mug was divine and so despite it being so hot still, I daringly took a sip…and nothing. “Maybe it’s just too hot?” So I left it a few minutes and in the meantime was flicking through the recorded programmes to find Hawaii Five-O. Right let’s take another sip…again, nothing. “Have I made this right? Maybe I was meant to put some sugar in it or something?” Off I go to the kitchen and in go two sugars. “Take a gulp this time, I’m probably just not getting enough from a sip!”…And still nothing! It tasted of nothing! My mind was baffled at the result of something with such a build-up. “One more sugar, perhaps, as a final attempt?” And what do you know- nothing. What a shocker, eh?

The flavour of the tea floats just above your tongue that you can never actually reach it. So it neither provides you with taste, nor quenches your thirst- if anything, makes you thirstier! So what is the function of it? Personally, I think it’d be better left on the window sill as a household fragrance- your thoughts? 

An acquired taste, or merely glorified flavoured water?

Week 30

 God, I’m so crazy behind on this! Not to mention I’m getting really lazy too! This man, turned out to be our Man of the fortnight after indecisiveness and lack of energy to change him. But, I don’t think anyone really minded- they got to look at the lovely view for longer!

He's kind of got two-ish looks hence why I thought that two pictures would be appropriate. So here's Douglas the ravishing rising actor...

Douglas Booth- ever heard of him? Possibly, possibly not. He’s best known for his role of Pip in the recent BBC mini-series adaptation of Great Expectations, and it is from there that he was suggested for the Man wall. The 19-year-old English actor this year is set to appear in the upcoming  movies Romeo and Juliet alongside Hailee Steinfeld and Ed Westwick and LOL, a remake of a 2008 French film starring Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore.

And here we have Mr Burberry!
Gosh, that jawline and those cheekbones!- they're simply to die for...

 Aside from acting he has also modelled in the Burberry campaigns which also included Emma Watson and Lily Donaldson which is probably why, despite not having a lot of acting exposure yet, he seems like a familiar (gorgeous) face!

The song for this post is a Boyce Avenue original (if you don’t know them then totally check them out!) called ‘Find Me’.

Cannibal Valentine


Around Valentine’s day (which was sooo long ago now) my friend, Maddie, was eating a lovely little Valentine’s cupcake that had beautifully sculpted cream-colour buttercream with a red heart on top. As it was near Valentine’s day, she decided to give away her ‘heart’ and I was courageous enough to accept her affection. Here I held her heart in my hand while it looked so cute and vulnerable- I didn’t have the heart (no pun intended) to eat it, but then realised that I couldn’t just leave it to melt! I had only one option- consume her heart and live forever…

But moving away from Snow White and the Huntsman and deep love talk, it does look rather cute doesn’t it? It reminds me of when my parents used to buy Play-Doh for me and it looked so neat and fresh and new that I almost didn’t want to play with it to save ruining it! But anyhoo, a belated Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


The Drunken Santas

The Drunken Santas

Prior to Christmas, I was walking home from studying in the library when I had a bit of a peeping Tom moment: I saw through the window of the pub next door (and heard for that matter) a whole group of men dressed as Father Christmas. It would be enough to confuse any child and I, myself, was rather amused! I was a little tense that they may have drunk a little too much and so may fly off the handle if they saw me being so nosy, but I couldn’t resist! Twenty Santas playing pool and clutching a pint isn’t exactly a daily sighting- not where I live at least 🙂


Walking in a winter Westfields…

Walking in a winter Westfields...

When I got a slight breather from crazy January sales shopping with my sister, I managed to take a photo of the pretty, frosty interior of Westfields shopping centre. The only times I’ve been to Westfields are for the post-Christmas sales when it all looks so pretty! So I’m now a bit reluctant to go when it isn’t all decorated…


The unintentional Christmas tree

The unintentional Christmas tree

This photo is from Christmas-time last year so a little bit late in sharing on my behalf! But nevertheless, decided to anyway. My dear friend, Jocelyn, noticed whilst we were waiting for the bus that if you look closely, the tree looks like it’s been decorated with baubles 🙂